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Tammie Corley was born is Seattle, Washington and received her training in clay at Miami-Dade Community College in Miami, Florida and Green River Comunity College in Auburn, Washington.  Playing in the mud was always a pastime of Tammie's. She loved to make something out of nearly nothing. She is the same today. 

"Forming a piece of pottery is such a thrill.  It teaches me about every day life in this God-created world: simple, natural elements shaped into purpose, function and beauty.  The artists pressure and placement coincide with the and give and take of the clay.  With wisdom and experience, one listens when to press in and when to let go.  Harmony, joy, frustration and sorrow all dance with the same partner.  It is deepening dynamic to experience." 

Tammy Corley
Porcelain and stoeware
hand built pottery

TJC Pottery

Cudjoe Key, Florida


Instagram: tjcpottery815

Cellphone: 206-930-6490

Tammie's pottery pieces are available at Artists in Paradise Gallery, Big Pine Key, Florida. She lives, walks, dives and kayaks in and around The Florida Keys with her husband.

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Tammy Corley

Tammy Corley

Tammy Corley



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